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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remove that Dog Urine

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Dog urines which leave the carpet or facility smelly are a major problem for dog owners. One main component of urines is ammonia therefore never use any product which contains ammonia, since dogs have the tendency to repeat urinating at the carpet through its smell.

Here are some home remedies which will surely leave your house odor free from dog urines.

  1. An attempt to absorb the urine through rugs is still effective if the urine is still wet. Bacterial growth brought by carelessly leaving the urine wet is the main source for its smell.
  2. Use paper towels in drying the urine, repeat these procedure several times until dog urine is all dried up. Dog stains which are left unnoticed can be detected through black lights which are too expensive. An alternative way to look for dried dog urine is by sniffing the carpet or looking for visible stains.
  3. Scrub the carpet with a solution which is a mixture of white vinegar and water. Apply a tolerable amount of solution in the desired area which is not too strong for the house. The ammonia in the dog urine will be neutralized by the vinegar. Use a vacuum extractor that will further dry the carpet.
  4. A handful of baking soda should be sprinkled over the soiled area. Use a teaspoon plain dish washing detergent which is mixed with a half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide instead of a caustic dishwasher detergent. Pour the mixture in the baking soda and start scrubbing the area or carpet.
  5. Finally, allow the area to dry and vacuum up the remaining baking soda. After doing these steps your home will surely smell fresh and urine free.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stylish & Fashionable Accessories for your Dog

Dressing your pet dog has never been this easy especially today where a lot of dog accessories are already available. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or you simply want to dress up your dog, here are stylish accessories that you can put on your pet without overdoing it.

Dog Collars

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This stylish Pink Collar is very chic and fashionable, perfect for your fashionista pet. The cute bone-shaped rock studded dangle adds cuteness to this girly collar.

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This brown collar has a leather feel with stylish bone shaped accent. This is perfect for small dogs especially Chihuahuas.

Dog Bows

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A cute bow especially made to make your pet look polished and dashing with all the pink glittery circles embedded in the black bone-shaped item placed on top of a ribbon.

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This is how a bow will look like on your pet.

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This simple ribbon bow will change the everyday look of your lovely dog.

Dog Tutu

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This pink and white tutu will transform your pet dog into a fashionista ballerina. This girly outfit is very classy and modernistic.

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This is how a pink tutu with ribbon will look like on your dog. Now, who let the cute ballerina out?

Dog Necklace

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This high-end crystal necklace in pink color is designed to make your pet look voguish and trendy. Your cute fashionista will surely be a head-turner with this bling-bling.

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This dog chain necklace is even cuter with the heart pendant that’s full of crystals. It also comes in different colors so you can choose what looks best in your dog. How cool is that?

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Now this one of a kind necklace will make your pet dog ostentatious. With a lot of sequins, crystals and beads, this accessory will brighten up your pet’s total look.

Dog Headband
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This green clover-like headband is very modern. Cool Headband for your cool dog.

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Two words to describe this headband, cute flower. Your dog will look very blooming while wearing this flowery headband.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what’s the best way to welcome it is with your dog wearing a Valentine’s Day inspired headband. Now, who wouldn’t fall in love with your pet?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cats Love Dogs

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Cats and dogs could never get along due to certain factors which greatly affects the relationship between these two opposing animals. There are facts which somehow reveal that after reuniting cats and dogs, cats immerges to be supreme or has a dominant behavior against dogs. There are body languages and behaviors which are often exhibited by these animals upon seeing each other. Slowly introduce them to each other as early as they are puppies and kittens make sure that they are raised together to enhance adaptive behaviors.



  • The meeting place should have spaces which the cat could hide in case startling behaviors occur.
  • Make sure that your pets are well fed.
  • Check if they are in a good mood.
  • Maintain dog leash as a preparation for any unexpected outcomes that might occur.


  • Allow them to keep their distance don’t be over excited about the fact that they will easily get along with each other.
  • Keep animals calm.


  • The exercise does not require to be done in long hours, do this as long as your pets show signs of readiness.

Usually cats are the starters of fights because of their territorial behavior; make sure that they are in their comfortable environment to acquire desired results. The training exercise does not make any miracles over night it requires patience, consistency and proper timing for these mortal enemies to get along in time.

Puppy Cake

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Dog’s birthdays are also special occasions in their respective owner’s life. There are some owners who really prepare a dog birthday party and as this event takes place they will never ever forget a cake for their pets to blow. The cake should fit your pet’s taste bud and it should be edible without any interruption on their health condition. Here are some of the tips which will enhance your pet’s cake.


Cake mixes should be free from harmful ingredients for your dog such as chocolates, macadamia, nuts, raisins, and many other ingredients which depends on the breed of your pet.
There are certain ingredients which can be mouth watering and tempting for your dog which includes peanut butter, pumpkin, kibble or canned foods.
The shape of the pan may vary from the owner’s preference.
Frosting may be mixed with cream cheese, peanut butter and canned dog foods.
Here is an example of an edible cake recipe for your dog.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1tsp baking soda
  • ¼ cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 1cup shredded carrots
  • 1tsp vanilla
  • 1/3cup honey
  • 1 egg


  1. Mix the flour with the baking soda.
  2. Combine all the remaining ingredients with the mixture.
  3. Pour the mixture in a desired pan.
  4. Bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
  5. Let it cool for some time before adding the icing made up of crush cottage cheese.
  6. Decorate the cake with peanut butter and carrots.

No matter how special the birthday of our dog’s may be, it is always more important to consider their health. Give them enough time to rest and play. Let them do things that will make them happy. More importantly treat them well not only because it’s their special day but because they are special in any time of the day.

World's Smallest Dog

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There are outstanding world records which are scattered all over this world. Some are the longest, shortest, and largest also there comes the smallest. Everything has its own opposites even girls have boys which makes this world balanced. Take for example the smallest dog in the world was found to be from Florida and her name is Heaven Sent Brandy. This dog is uniquely 6 inches from the tip of the nose down to her tail. There are advantages and disadvantages which is an attribute from her size. Its smallness makes her easy to carry with only one hand but for some instances, it does not make her any safer.  Many people thought that Brandy is still a puppy but in fact she is already a full grown Chihuahua. No matter how small this cutie may be she is a loud barker as this characteristic is inherited from her parents therefore in choosing your Chihuahua judge them by their parents. If you are planning to own one here are some of the features of a Chihuahua. They usually are 8-10 inches and lives 15 human years. Good grooming and exercise is a must for this dog in order to keep them fit and healthy.

World's Cutest Dog

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Who would ever miss out the world’s cutest dog in 2009 and still accounts to be the world’s cutest dog in 2011 no other than Boo. Boo is a Pomeranian puppy which had hit Facebook and other ladies tremendously. After Boo’s Facebook launch in 2009 the dog has gone millions of fans from Facebook to other social networking sites. His popularity has reached even the celebrities from Hollywood like Khloe Kardashian and Ke$ha. The dog’s popularity is said to be accidentally caused by its long hair which was so knotted and had to be cut down. The groomer even said that Boo’s hair can’t even be solved by brushing but his owner had never lost hope when she saw her pet in the cutest style she would ever imagine.

Dog Behavior

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Dogs are great companion, sociable and sometimes a stress reliever. In the wild there is a pack of dog which follows certain hierarchy and the strongest among them is considered as their leader. Living with families are considered as their pack in which they share their social behaviors and adapts to human behaviors. Canines communicate through sound and body language either they are hungry or thirsty. Here are some of their cues which might help you define how they feel.

Relaxed mouth
Wagging tail
Sometimes the dog jumps and circle around
The most common sign is their ears perked especially when they see their owner from work

A challenging stare
Snapping jaw
Snarling, growling or loud barking
Tail is straight and head is lowered

The cutest thing they will ever do is to bow their head
Start wagging their tail
Moves back and front, side to side as they try to steal their owner’s attention

Ears close to its head
Narrowing eyes
Other dogs may tremble, growl or whine.

No matter how dog’s behavior differ they will still be at their best through proper training, handling, feeding, grooming and most importantly how we treat them not only as a pet but also an essential part of our daily lives which must not be forgotten.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diamonds are Dogs Best Friend?

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Diamonds equate to a woman’s best friend. Dogs are man’s best friend. Maybe it’s also safe to say that diamonds are dog’s best friend. Some owners not only care about their pets but spoil their pets a little bit too much for owners with this behavior this accessory will surely be a mouth watering desire to have in your dog’s collection.

Amour, Amour is the name suggestive for the most expensive collar in the world made only by I Love Dogs Diamonds. The collar is made 1,600 hand-set diamonds it is mounted in a chandelier design featuring an astonishing 7-carat, D-IF, brilliant shaped centerpiece. The most pampered pooch will surely experience an extreme comfort and durability through is 18-carat white gold and crocodile leather. The accessory costs $3,200,000. It is truly one of a kind not only for its price and design but also for the buyer of such precious accessory for their dog which is truly unique.

Dog Grooming 101

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Dogs are never different from human as they need proper grooming once in a while. Canines need to be bathe, brushed, trimmed and be dressed as well. Though clothing is not required for all breeds, since some are too hairy this can already warm them in extreme coldness. The grooming depends on the breed and hair type of the pet. There are some conditions which alter proper grooming such as skin, ear, and nail conditions that requires advice from the veterinarian.


Brushing is enjoyed by every dog in the world; it prevents hair balls, tangles, strengthens the coat of the pet and promotes bonding between the owner and the pet but it also depends on the hair type of the dog.


Trimming depends on how fast their nails can grow which causes and advantage and disadvantage for the pet. The advantage of the process is to prevent your pet from scratching their ears ending up nearly wounded. It helps towards keeping your house scratch free. It will also contribute to an overall safety for your children as you will be rest assured that your precious little ones may play with them continuously but never forget that these dogs have fangs which may also hurt them but through proper training, these dogs will be their best buds.

The disadvantage is when their nails are trimmed to short which causes pain and eventually leads to trauma. In that incident trimming might not be done again. There are veterinarians and pet groomer which are the masters of this art they may teach you the proper ways to handle their paws.


Bathing are not fun for some dogs. Bathing them once a month or twice a week will not harm your pets. Make sure that their shampoo is soap-free and intended for the dog’s condition. There are some shampoos which are highly recommended by veterinarians that are hypoallergenic for your pet.


Dogs have never escape ear problems, their ears are haven for bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms. Some dogs may acquire chronic ear problems which might require multiple cleaning each day. Some conditions are caused by genetics, skin allergies and some are caused by careless owners. If such cases prevail, make sure to visit your veterinarian as they will have a prescribed medication for such condition.


Poodle and Shih Tzu are the most common dogs that continuously grow their hair which requires trimming every 2-4 weeks. The procedure still depends on the breed and style of the haircut. This is often times handled by professional groomers though hands-on owners may learn basic maintenance haircuts. There are dog grooming schools which offer trainings and seminars for dog lovers.

Most Expensive Dog

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High breed dogs can get a little bit expensive at times, most especially when they belong to the class of trainable dogs. The most popular dog in the world right now is the Tibetan Mastiff for it is sold in a very expensive price of $1.5 million. Any owner could sell their dog for that price by simply providing them their needs and the affection that dogs really want. Here are some of the factors which make a dog expensive.

  • Purity of the breed and its rareness
  • Prize winner dogs
  • Finally, when the dog breed is at the possession of celebrities

Dog lovers have their choice of that “dream pet” since some believe that dogs bring good luck and fortune aside from being a great companion. The Tibetan Mastiff once becomes a pet of Genghis Khan and according to legends even Buddha has one. In 2011 this buddy was sold to an anonymous millionaire in a whooping 1.5 Million US Dollars. Anyone had never thought or believed that such price was possible. It was named Big Splash, an 11- month old, 3-foot-tall, 180 lbs. pup which was sold in the Chinese City of Qingdao.
Big Splash was bought on its price for the reason that ancient Chinese believe on the positive dog energy which will bring prosperity and wealth to its owner. The Tibetan Mastiff’s name reflects their use as guardian of herds, monasteries and palaces. Their breed is said to be well attached to their masters and make them a good attendant against strangers, it can thrive in a spacious fenced yard together with some other canine but this dog can never fit into an apartment. The breed is too rare that it only sheds its race once a year. Through its sterilization process, the coat, texture and density may be affected dramatically. Therefore during this time take care of the dog cautiously to prevent that $1.5 Million from dying.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Does a Cat Scratch?


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Reasons why Cats Scratch Furniture

Cats are unique for their claws which often leaves our furniture with numerous scratches. The purpose of scratching for cats is to sharpen their claws which they use for hunting and catching food. In the wild, scratching is a means of territorial marking and trees are often times the evidence for their territory. This is also their own way towards improving their muscle tone most especially in the morning.

Stop Scratching?

It is truly impossible to stop cats from scratching on your sofa, furnishings or carpet but there are ways to divert their attention into something more fitting such as making them their own personalized scratch post or scratch boxes preferably when the owner is talented enough to produce such tool. Some scratch posts are readily available in the market.

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Train your Cat

Some people might be thinking right now training their cats to use scratch posts is easy. Some cats have that common sense when to automatically use the post or box when placed by their owner. Here are some of the guidelines which should be taking into consideration in training your cat!

  •  When the cat is spotted to be scratching at your furniture firmly say “NO!”
  •  Pick up your cat and place him on the scratch post.
  •  Guide your pet towards scratching the post.
  • If your cat repeats scratching on the post, praise your pet once in a while and never forget to stroke their back gently as a sign of good deed.
  • If the pet does not follow, then let your cat go and train him some other time.
  • Never punish your pet it should always be a reward experience so that they will not be afraid or aggressive the next time you teach them
  • Cats are smart enough; just wait and you’ll see how they will use the post at your surprise.
  • Finally, when your pet really does not like to utilize the post there is no other way to save your furniture but declaw your beloved pets.

Like any other human being, pets and other animals have their own emotion which should always be respected no matter how short tempered we may be.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Treats Your Dog Will Love


Dogs are like humans they like to be treated in some thoughtful manners to grab their attention and have a sense of connection between its owners. Canines have their own nutritional needs but it doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil your precious pets once in a while. Consult your veterinarians if any of the ingredients included in your home made recipe is contraindicated for your pet to prevent health problems. The formula does not necessarily mean to be served daily since dogs need a balanced diet just like human beings.

Ingredients that can cause dog allergies

  •       Canned food such as sardines increases the risk of dogs to develop dandruff which may further damage their fur.
  •       Chocolates which are highly potential toxins for your dog.
  •       Artificial preservatives are the main cause of allergies since these extenders are made for human consumption.
  •       Eggs undeniably contain high protein yet this food makes dogs risk for skin allergy such as scabies.
  •       There are many other ingredients that your dog might be allergic to, since there are certain factors which greatly affect your dog’s health condition such as the changing weather and the environment they thrive on.

In case any of the food listed above have been ingested by the dog, it is better to consult the nearest veterinarian for immediate precautions. Never take for granted the amount of food taken by the pet for no matter how less it may be, it can still be a cause of a long-term or short-term side effect.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Questions Answered about Bathing your Pet

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How frequently should you bathe your dog?

Bathing your dog can be done whenever they just need it. But if they are very active outdoors and be covered with mud, of course you should bathe them. However, it is best to schedule their bath same time every time you bathe them if you are applying flea protectant to your dogs.

How to make your dog calm during bathing time?

Bathing a dog is never an easy task especially if they don’t like water very much. Although dogs love swimming, they might not like bathing. Water activities are also good for your dogs. Be cautious in bathing your dog also like being sure that the water is not too warm or the weather is not too cold.

If the weather is bad or it is rainy, you can bathe them in the bathtub but be sure to put non slip mats so that they won’t slip and use the shower instead of using the faucet (or if you have a hand held shower, you can use that too). Let your dog enjoy these grooming activities so it won’t be much of a pressure for them.

What kind of shampoo would I use for my dog?

To know the appropriate type of shampoo for your dog, seek the advice of your veterinarian. They should know what’s best for your dog either it be for treatment or for daily use shampoo. Don’t forget to read the instructions first before using the shampoo to be sure that it is right for your pet’s age.

Is it okay to use my shampoo on my dog?

Never use your shampoo to your dog because it very harsh for them. Human shampoos have different pH level than dog shampoos.

How do I dry my dog?

The best method in drying your dog would be towel drying. However, you may also use a blow dryer but be sure to use it on the lowest setting because your dog’s skin burns easily. But to avoid risking yourself and your pet, just do it traditionally by drying your pet with towel.