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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Questions Answered about Bathing your Pet

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How frequently should you bathe your dog?

Bathing your dog can be done whenever they just need it. But if they are very active outdoors and be covered with mud, of course you should bathe them. However, it is best to schedule their bath same time every time you bathe them if you are applying flea protectant to your dogs.

How to make your dog calm during bathing time?

Bathing a dog is never an easy task especially if they don’t like water very much. Although dogs love swimming, they might not like bathing. Water activities are also good for your dogs. Be cautious in bathing your dog also like being sure that the water is not too warm or the weather is not too cold.

If the weather is bad or it is rainy, you can bathe them in the bathtub but be sure to put non slip mats so that they won’t slip and use the shower instead of using the faucet (or if you have a hand held shower, you can use that too). Let your dog enjoy these grooming activities so it won’t be much of a pressure for them.

What kind of shampoo would I use for my dog?

To know the appropriate type of shampoo for your dog, seek the advice of your veterinarian. They should know what’s best for your dog either it be for treatment or for daily use shampoo. Don’t forget to read the instructions first before using the shampoo to be sure that it is right for your pet’s age.

Is it okay to use my shampoo on my dog?

Never use your shampoo to your dog because it very harsh for them. Human shampoos have different pH level than dog shampoos.

How do I dry my dog?

The best method in drying your dog would be towel drying. However, you may also use a blow dryer but be sure to use it on the lowest setting because your dog’s skin burns easily. But to avoid risking yourself and your pet, just do it traditionally by drying your pet with towel.

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