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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

World's Smallest Dog

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There are outstanding world records which are scattered all over this world. Some are the longest, shortest, and largest also there comes the smallest. Everything has its own opposites even girls have boys which makes this world balanced. Take for example the smallest dog in the world was found to be from Florida and her name is Heaven Sent Brandy. This dog is uniquely 6 inches from the tip of the nose down to her tail. There are advantages and disadvantages which is an attribute from her size. Its smallness makes her easy to carry with only one hand but for some instances, it does not make her any safer.  Many people thought that Brandy is still a puppy but in fact she is already a full grown Chihuahua. No matter how small this cutie may be she is a loud barker as this characteristic is inherited from her parents therefore in choosing your Chihuahua judge them by their parents. If you are planning to own one here are some of the features of a Chihuahua. They usually are 8-10 inches and lives 15 human years. Good grooming and exercise is a must for this dog in order to keep them fit and healthy.

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