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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dog Behavior

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Dogs are great companion, sociable and sometimes a stress reliever. In the wild there is a pack of dog which follows certain hierarchy and the strongest among them is considered as their leader. Living with families are considered as their pack in which they share their social behaviors and adapts to human behaviors. Canines communicate through sound and body language either they are hungry or thirsty. Here are some of their cues which might help you define how they feel.

Relaxed mouth
Wagging tail
Sometimes the dog jumps and circle around
The most common sign is their ears perked especially when they see their owner from work

A challenging stare
Snapping jaw
Snarling, growling or loud barking
Tail is straight and head is lowered

The cutest thing they will ever do is to bow their head
Start wagging their tail
Moves back and front, side to side as they try to steal their owner’s attention

Ears close to its head
Narrowing eyes
Other dogs may tremble, growl or whine.

No matter how dog’s behavior differ they will still be at their best through proper training, handling, feeding, grooming and most importantly how we treat them not only as a pet but also an essential part of our daily lives which must not be forgotten.

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