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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Does a Cat Scratch?


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Reasons why Cats Scratch Furniture

Cats are unique for their claws which often leaves our furniture with numerous scratches. The purpose of scratching for cats is to sharpen their claws which they use for hunting and catching food. In the wild, scratching is a means of territorial marking and trees are often times the evidence for their territory. This is also their own way towards improving their muscle tone most especially in the morning.

Stop Scratching?

It is truly impossible to stop cats from scratching on your sofa, furnishings or carpet but there are ways to divert their attention into something more fitting such as making them their own personalized scratch post or scratch boxes preferably when the owner is talented enough to produce such tool. Some scratch posts are readily available in the market.

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Train your Cat

Some people might be thinking right now training their cats to use scratch posts is easy. Some cats have that common sense when to automatically use the post or box when placed by their owner. Here are some of the guidelines which should be taking into consideration in training your cat!

  •  When the cat is spotted to be scratching at your furniture firmly say “NO!”
  •  Pick up your cat and place him on the scratch post.
  •  Guide your pet towards scratching the post.
  • If your cat repeats scratching on the post, praise your pet once in a while and never forget to stroke their back gently as a sign of good deed.
  • If the pet does not follow, then let your cat go and train him some other time.
  • Never punish your pet it should always be a reward experience so that they will not be afraid or aggressive the next time you teach them
  • Cats are smart enough; just wait and you’ll see how they will use the post at your surprise.
  • Finally, when your pet really does not like to utilize the post there is no other way to save your furniture but declaw your beloved pets.

Like any other human being, pets and other animals have their own emotion which should always be respected no matter how short tempered we may be.

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