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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Treats Your Dog Will Love


Dogs are like humans they like to be treated in some thoughtful manners to grab their attention and have a sense of connection between its owners. Canines have their own nutritional needs but it doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil your precious pets once in a while. Consult your veterinarians if any of the ingredients included in your home made recipe is contraindicated for your pet to prevent health problems. The formula does not necessarily mean to be served daily since dogs need a balanced diet just like human beings.

Ingredients that can cause dog allergies

  •       Canned food such as sardines increases the risk of dogs to develop dandruff which may further damage their fur.
  •       Chocolates which are highly potential toxins for your dog.
  •       Artificial preservatives are the main cause of allergies since these extenders are made for human consumption.
  •       Eggs undeniably contain high protein yet this food makes dogs risk for skin allergy such as scabies.
  •       There are many other ingredients that your dog might be allergic to, since there are certain factors which greatly affect your dog’s health condition such as the changing weather and the environment they thrive on.

In case any of the food listed above have been ingested by the dog, it is better to consult the nearest veterinarian for immediate precautions. Never take for granted the amount of food taken by the pet for no matter how less it may be, it can still be a cause of a long-term or short-term side effect.

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