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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Size Doesn't Matter

Pugs belong to small-lower medium breed of dogs with fine glossy coat and a compact square body with its famous short-muzzled wrinkly face. Their remarkable personality despite its small size is often summarized as multum in parvo which means much in little.

Fawn, apricot fawn, silver, and brindle or black are some of the smooth glossy coats of their breed which makes them more adorable for children. Together with their sweet acts and cuddly features makes them safe for children at any age. Most of the time, parents are afraid of having dogs at home for their children are the greatest factors which must be considered before doing such act. The breed is strong willed but rarely aggressive most of these dogs are fond of children playing with them. They are always alert which makes them good watchdogs.

Chihuahuas are tiny toy dogs which has a longer body than its tail.  Its defining apple-shaped head with large round eyes which are dark, ruby and may be lighter in white dogs makes it unique from other dogs. The dog’s coat may be a combined long or short as well as wavy or flat. Colors variation includes black, white, chestnut, fawn, sand, silver, sable, steel blue, black and tan which are not limited to single color it may be solid, marked or splashed.

The breed likes warm weather compared to other dogs with extravagant furs that adores cold weather. These dogs enjoy affection and are extremely lively and adventurous. They get easily attached to their owners but tend to be irritable and deceitful towards strangers which make them great watchdogs.

Dachshunds are companions rather than a hunter for their intuitive characteristics. The breed has never been aggressive; it loves to be around people and will surely steal the heart of any one it meets.
These dogs have the tendency to get jealous among other dogs unless they were raised around each other. There are three common types of this breed one of them smooth haired dachshund as suggested by the name the coat is straight, short that would always equate to the length of the body. Wirehaired dachshund has a coat of broken in appearance and harsh hair. Finally, the longhaired that has a long straight coat and the hair is slightly longer under the belly, eras, chest and legs.

No matter how small the toy dog may be, through its loving characteristic which makes the breed belong to the category of being a watchful dog.

Shih Tzu also belongs to the breed of toy dogs for they are truly small and adorable for their sweet characteristics. These dogs have wide round eyes that suits well their overly fur body which comes in all colors. Their nose has well opened nostrils which enables them to breathe well in warm conditions that are almost contraindicated for their abundant hair. They are smart dogs which bark loudly as they try to tell something to their owners.

Their sweet and trustworthy characteristics make these dogs great for watching over their owners.

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