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Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

1. Establish a good relationship with your dog’s veterinarian. For older dogs, it is recommended to make an appointment with your vet every six months. Your veterinarian should be someone whom you trust and with whom you feel very comfortable working with.

2. Be acquainted about the diseases common to older dogs and the healing treatments used for them. Take note of the symptoms, bring them to your veterinarian if you see any abnormalities in your dog and get ready to discuss different therapy options.

3. Provide your older dog the best dog food you can afford to buy; consider giving him a food prepared by you and two small meals daily instead of feeding him with a large one time meal.

4. Don’t feed your dog more than his daily requirements. Obesity problems are increasing in dogs’, it will not only create health problems but it can also shorten his life.

5. Glucosamine/Chondroitin is a good dietary supplement for the prevention of arthritis in dogs.

6. Let your older dogs perform adequate exercise, but don’t over exhaust them.

7. Pay attention to your dog's dental health always. Brush his teeth daily and have them cleaned professionally with Gentle Dental Cleaning whenever your veterinarian recommends it.

8. The Major Veterinary Associations advises that dogs will be vaccinated only once every three years, so better tell your veterinarian that you will follow this protocol.

9. Be eager in removing fleas and ticks or better yet control them if they are already present, and keep your dog and his surroundings meticulously clean.

10. Let your older dog be a part of your daily life because it will make him happy and active. They have feelings too so don’t reject them whenever they want your attention. Enjoy playing with your dog!

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