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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most Expensive Dog

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High breed dogs can get a little bit expensive at times, most especially when they belong to the class of trainable dogs. The most popular dog in the world right now is the Tibetan Mastiff for it is sold in a very expensive price of $1.5 million. Any owner could sell their dog for that price by simply providing them their needs and the affection that dogs really want. Here are some of the factors which make a dog expensive.

  • Purity of the breed and its rareness
  • Prize winner dogs
  • Finally, when the dog breed is at the possession of celebrities

Dog lovers have their choice of that “dream pet” since some believe that dogs bring good luck and fortune aside from being a great companion. The Tibetan Mastiff once becomes a pet of Genghis Khan and according to legends even Buddha has one. In 2011 this buddy was sold to an anonymous millionaire in a whooping 1.5 Million US Dollars. Anyone had never thought or believed that such price was possible. It was named Big Splash, an 11- month old, 3-foot-tall, 180 lbs. pup which was sold in the Chinese City of Qingdao.
Big Splash was bought on its price for the reason that ancient Chinese believe on the positive dog energy which will bring prosperity and wealth to its owner. The Tibetan Mastiff’s name reflects their use as guardian of herds, monasteries and palaces. Their breed is said to be well attached to their masters and make them a good attendant against strangers, it can thrive in a spacious fenced yard together with some other canine but this dog can never fit into an apartment. The breed is too rare that it only sheds its race once a year. Through its sterilization process, the coat, texture and density may be affected dramatically. Therefore during this time take care of the dog cautiously to prevent that $1.5 Million from dying.

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