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Monday, January 9, 2012

Cool Pet Names with Meaning

Naming your dog is very important because as your dog is getting older, they will get used to their birth names. Once you call their name, they will know it is them. If you are having a hard time naming your dog, then we are here to help you name them.

Here are cool Dog Names with meanings that you can choose from:

Female Dog Names:

Anana – soft or gentle
Baba- Born on Thursday
Layla- Born at night
Maha- Beautiful Eyes
Cinnie- Beauty
Margo- Pearl
Katrina- Pure
Mitzi- Beloved
Callie Beautiful
Dasha- Gift from God
Ola- Life
Adi- My Jewel
Eva- Life
Zilla- Shadow
Casey- Alert or Brave
Leah- Light of the Sun
Adrina- Happiness
Dakota- Friend or Ally
Tehya- Precious
Mischa- Honey
Sasha- Protector
Belita- Beautiful
Nina- Little Girl
Gwen- Blessed
Lyneth- Beautiful
Amber- Jewel
Adelaide- Australian City
Amanda- Lovable
Amy- Short and Sweet
Babe- Stunner
Binkie- Lively and Friendly
Belle- French and Beautiful

Male Dog Names:
Brayden- Brave
Dougall- Dark Stranger
Enid- Pure Soul
Keelin- Slender
Teagan- Attractive
Shu- Fair
Armand- Warrior
Boone- Good
Pierre- Rock
Bert- Bright
Caarl- Strong One
Fritz- Peaceful Ruler
Penn- Commander
Wendel- Wanderer
Alexio- Defender
Cosmo- Harmony
Spiro- Spirit
Cale- Faithful
Dodi- My Beloved
Aldo- Elder
Alonzo- Noble and Ready
Bello- Handsome
Franco- Free
Massimo- Greatest
Orlando- Heroic
Primo- First Born
Ugo- Intelligent
Keiko- Blessing
Felix- Happy
Milo- Grace
Hugo- Heart, Mind
Pallaton- Fighter
Vladimir- Prince
Goyo- Watchful
Paz- Peace
Paco- Free
Pablo- Small
Tudor- Divine Gift
Max- Happy Dog; Large Spring
Buddy- Messenger
Jake- Supplanter
Rocky- Big Personality; Rocky Reef
Bailey- Trusted Guardian
Buster- Joy
Cody- Reassuring; Gentle
Charlie- Strong and Masculine
Bear- Bulky with lots of hair
Jack- God’s Gracious Gift
Toby- God is Good
Duke- Leader of the herd; loyal
Lucky- Good luck
Sam- Heard by God

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