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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let Your Dog Live Longer

Let your Dog Live Longer

One of the ways you can prolong your pet dogs’ life is to keep his teeth as healthy as possible. Periodontal disease is a preventable disease for smaller dogs. Don’t take teeth and gum problems for granted and take heart these dental health tips to make your new puppy live longer.

1. Take care of your pet’s Dental Health

Take a look at your pets’ teeth and see if it’s white and look for anything abnormal. Healthy canine teeth and feline teeth are strong and white. If the teeth is discolored and the gums are red or bleeding, this just
means one thing, that they need to be checked. Another unusual characteristic of an infection is when your adult dog has a very foul smelling breath.

2. Prevent tartar build up

Dogs’ teeth are the same as humans because they build up tartar and plaque like humans do. There are already ready-made dental chews that are formulated to help remove tartar and plaque. If your pet chews on this, it will help keep his teeth healthy and strong. Raw beef marrow bones that are uncooked are also a good way to keep your pet’s teeth be free of tartar.

3. Brush, brush and brush

Using a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste in brushing your pets’ teeth will help keep your dogs’ teeth healthy and strong. Small type toothbrushes are better to use because it allows you to clean the inside their mouth without putting much pressure on their mouth.

4. Get Regular Gentle Dental Cleaning

There are lots of harmful bacteria that may cause infection and tooth decay in your pets’ dental health. Because of the increasing advancement of technology, Gentle Dental Cleaning is now available. It is anesthesia free and it uses low-stress teeth cleaning method that will definitely remove harmful tartar and plaque.

5. Pay your Vet a visit

Don’t forget to visit your Vet regularly for evaluation of your pets’ dental health. Your veterinarian is an expert with tooth extractions and treats serious gum infections should there be any dental problems.

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